Chemical engineering of nanomaterials
Designing and producing libraries of highly biocompatible nanomaterials
Design, synthesis, and characterization of our nanomaterials is the cornerstone of our research, group, and mission. Our lab has its origin story deeply intertwined with the field of nanomedicine, and we’re proud of the contributions we’ve made towards pioneering its application for immunotherapy. Our designs include but are not limited to apoA-1-based nanobiologics, nanoemulsions, liposomes, drug-loaded block-copolymer micelles, and nanocrystal-core lipoproteins. We have established a nanobiologic library, which is used to develop tailored immunotherapeutics for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and transplantation. Furthermore, with our in-house radiochemistry suite, we are able to perform radiolabeling of our nano-platforms, enabling non-invasive tracking and tracing of our nanomaterials.